Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to make it through basic training, boot camp!!

Just like any great fraternity there is an initiation process, hazing if you will. In Africa there are all different sorts of rituals in order for boys to become respected as men. This type of initiation has been going on since the beginning of time. The trials and tribulations that they undergo create a bond and a common ground that they both can relate too.

In order to enter a fraternity you have to go through hell week or something similar where you are literally tortured until one day you are considered a brother. In order to join the crips or the bloods you are beaten, then and only then are you considered a member.

Why is this necessary well for one, like I said it creates a bond, it gives you the ability to look at the person next to you and know that this man or woman went through the same thing you went through to be standing next to you. It allows everyone to have an equal amount of respect for one another.

The military does it for this reason but also for other reasons as well, Basic military training or boot camp is a training experience for you to become aquainted with the ins and outs of the service you are joining.

You will learn how to wear the uniform, how to march, the history, the mission for the future, the motto or creed, the ranks, how to shoot a weapon, and so on and so forth.

So you may ask why is it necessary to yell and to make it so stressful. Well I explained it partially in my first couple of paragraphs, but another reason is because as a military serviceman or woman, you may end up in very hostile and/or stressful situations, and you will be counted on to handle yourself under pressure. Many times a 17 year old man or woman is responsible for top secret national security, or for multi-million dollar equipment. Stress is a part of life but could be more so in the military, so you have to be able to handle it, and basic training is a way to weed out the individuals who can't take the heat if you will.

So you want a tip on how to make it through basic, well I could give you the same old run down every one tells you like

start running every day and get in shape
start learning your facing movements
start learning the ranks
start learning your reporting statements

Yes these are important and yes learning these things as well as others will make it easier for you once you get to boot camp.

but the one tip I will give you that if you can master this, everything else will take care of itself. Is to make your mind up.

Yep thats right Make your damn mind up!!!

Basic training is more mental than everything, when I went through sure I hated all the running and marching and heat and yelling and all that, but the one thing I hated more than anything was constantly being tired. I hated waking up at the butt crack of dawn for another long day and always being tired.

I wanted to sleep sooooooo bad.

It is more mental than anything, If you are not 100% sure that you want to be there and you are dedicated to making it through then you most likely won't make it.

You have to be strong mentally and you have to want it.

So make up your mind that you are going to put up with the pain for however many weeks of hell you have to put up with it for and don't give up.

because if you make it through beleive it or not one day you will look back and laugh and joke about basic training. It is a great story and accomplishment to tell your grandkids one day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to pass the ASVAB

O.K so here is a surprising statistic, during my time as an enlisted recruiter, I have noticed that maybe 1 out of every 10 prospects I talk to are qualified the other 9 are disqualified to join the Air Force for some reason or another, Whether it be law violation, drugs, too many kids, overweight, not graduating, and not being able to pass the ASVAB.

It's pretty sad when someone comes into my office right after graduation from highschool, and scores an 11 on the ASVAB. What the hell are they learning in school!!!!

I have literally taken the practice exam marked C all the way down and score higher than an 11.

It's a damn shame.

and that thats no the worst score I have ever seen.

However it is possible to raise your score. the most you can get on the ASVAB is a 99 the lowest is a 1 I beleive. If you want to raise your score considerably this is what I tell folks, study your math and your english.

These are the two main reasons why people fail, either because their mathmatic skills are crappy, or their vocabulary is subpar. Yes there are other aspects to the ASVAB like science, mechanics, and things like that but increasing your math skills and vocabulary will double or triply your score.

I recommend you go out and get an ASVAB study guide, or an SAT study guide and really get good at algebra, also read some books. Im not talking about Lowrider magazine or XXXL Im talking about some real books that doesn't contain pictures. Reading is a great way to increase your vocabulary, when you come to a word you don't recognize look it up in the dictionary.

Study, Study, Study.

After you have studied and your verbal and math skills are up to par here are some tips.

1. Get a goods night rest, you want to be relaxed and alert when taking the test.
2. eat before hand, you don't want your mind on how hungry you are you want it on the test.
3. Answer every question, you don't get marked down for questions you get wrong, so your better off guessing, at least this way you have a 25% chance of getting it right instead of a 0% chance by not answering the question.

So there you have it, its not that complicated but I wanted to give you something to focus on, and these are the main points. If you follow this advice you will be increasing your score in no time.

Good Luck

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Army recruiter picks up ugly prostitute, are the women that bad in the army????

Well the answer is yes and no, the army does have a large supply of homely women, so do the other branches and so does the world we live in. To be totally honest I haven't seen that many attractive army women, and the Navy is not to far behind, the number of overweight women in the navy is unreal. The Marines have some very beautiful women, I think the marines get alot of the pretty girls with something to prove, and of course the Air Force has the prettiest most prissy women of them all.

Now the reason I am on this topic is in regard to this video that was emailed to me, it is a video of a recruiter just enjoying an afternoon blowjob, you know he probably had a stressful day and just needed a little head lol. I just thought it was funny that the hooker was far from attractive, but at least he wasn't out banging one of his highschool recruits, that will be a whole 'nother topic.

When watching the video my first thought was damn!! the pickins must be slim in the Army, but then we get to the end of the video and obviously this man's smile is one that only a mother could love, so maybe its just a personal issue and not a represenation of the lack of options the Army has to offer.

Check out the video

and yes the navy made the cut as well