Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is the Army Dumb??? Low standards for soldiers

So with Govt figure heads having slips of the tongue with comments like "if your too dumb to go to college you end up in the Army" I ask myself the question why does the army have the reputation of being the least intelligent branch of service. Now before you start getting all mad and start to think this is a bash the army blog, it is not I only want to explore the reason the men and women who serve in my sister service are considered less intelligent.

Well lets get away from what people think and lets take some look at statistics, facts not just opinions, because we all know opinions are like assholes everybody has one right? right.

The U.S. Army has the lowest ASVAB requirements than ANY other branch. This could translate into the army saying "we'll take the least smartest people, than anyone else" The army commonly approves waivers for individuals who score as low as 25 on the ASVAB.

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The U.S Army recruits more GED (non-highschool graduates) than any other branch of the military. In fiscal year 2008 only 83% of new army recruits had high school diplomas, Oh and if you don't have a diploma or a GED you might be able to go the Army prep school, where the Army will help you get your GED.

Okay so now we all know that the Army has very low academic criteria, this doesn't mean that everyone who joins the army scores a 31 on the ASVAB or is a high school drop out, it just means that you will find more of these individuals in the Army than in any other branch.

Why? Why does the army lower there standards to these levels and make exceptions so often for people who can't even meet there already low standards. The answer is simple because they have to. Being an Army recruiter is probably the most stressful job you could have, They work ridiculously long hours and have tremendous pressure to make what they call "mission" basically meeting their assigned monthly quota's.

The Army by nature of the type of service it is, makes it a hard job to recruit for. That's why there throwing money at people to sign up, and of course dropping standards, and what ever else they can do to over come this tremendous drawback of having to go to war, which if you join the Army is pretty much inevitable these days and times.

God bless the soldiers who actually join because they want to go to war,to fight and serve. These are our heroes and I respect them greatly, but all the other people who are more interested in maintaining a normal lifestyle and wanting to get something back from their service tend to not be so easily sold. The media doesn't help the Army's situation out at all, with the deaths of soldiers being displayed on the news, and the stories of soldiers serving 14 plus months in Iraq then coming home for less than half than before returning for another year or more is ridiculous and most people are not signing up for that.

This is why the standards are lowered, and I am going to be politically incorrect but I am going to give it to you straight. the percentage of people who can't score a 32 on the ASVAB is much more likely to not have any promising career options, than someone who has the mental aptitude to score higher. in other words if you are too dumb to score lets say a 34 on the ASVAB then you are probably too dumb to get a decent job, therefore the ARMY who only requires you to score a 31 and have a GED will recruit you.

In the Army you will have a decent salary, make rank fairly quickly and financially have a good life. So when this low scoring person weighs his options the Army seems to be the better option, and in my opinion I totally agree. The Army can offer a wonderful life, great income, retirement and benefits.

Many of the Army's recruits come from the inner cities, or the back woods, but there are also people with perfect ASVAB scores, Scores of a 99 who join the Army.

So there you have I guess it all boils down to this, not everyone in the Army is dumb, It's just that you will find more dumb people in the Army than in any other branch.

(I don't know if that last statement is really true,and it is not my own belief, but I guess if it were a true statement as many seem to think, it would make perfect sense as to why)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Don't Ask Don't Tell, Gays In The Military

This is a pretty controversial topic of whether gays should be allowed into the U.S Military. We all have our views. Before Clinton took over the white house Gays were not allowed in the service, Clinton kind of made a compromise with the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. I guess what you don't know won't hurt you..........

But now with obama getting ready to take over, I wonder what the stance will be, he has already pushed the issue to the back burner and rightfully so, I definitely feel there are more important issues for him to handle, but then again I am not gay so, I could be just a tad bit insensitive.

Here's my take on the whole issue. I have known gay people in my life and they really are no different than anyone else, other than the fact they like to be with Men. Uhhhh okay let me see if I can explain this correctly. If you can get past the uncomfortableness of thinking about whether some homosexual is looking at your ass or is going to cup your genitals with his hand then you should have no problem

Because in reality, unless this individual just has some sort of personal problems, they are not going to do anything of the sort. I've never been disrespected by a homosexual or had any of my personal boundaries crossed. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not homophobic, and i think that any man who is sure of his own sexual preference won't be homophobic.

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Now let's clear a few things up. I don't like to view two men kissing or being intimate, it freaks me out and makes me very uncomfortable. I don't like to see men dressed up or acting like women it also weirds me out, but a normal guy who is gay does not bother me.

I do understand however the argument however that it can cause disruption, because some people would not be able to handle it. Well I will say this the time for prejudices and discrimination will soon come to an end. There was a time when a white soldier would die before he sat in a fox hole next to a black man, and now a black (bi-racial) man is our commander in chief. If any one has a problem with that what do they have to do??? That's right suck it up, and pretty soon the same thing is going to have to go with working or serving your country beside a man who secretly thinks your cute Lol... Get over it and get used to it because whether we like it or not it is inevitable.

Bottom line, we have rules and regulations within our military, and being a homosexual does not grant them the right to break these rules, such as sexual harrassment and so forth. There are many beautiful women in the Air Force, and I would love to spank some sexy SSgt on the tush but rules and regulations protect her from that sort of treatment, and the sames rules will protect all you homophobic guys out there as well.

This is the world we live in, love it or leave it

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why should I join the Marines????

Hell I have no Idead but some people are into that sort of thing. Here is what I have found of during my time in the military. I have met people who have joined for the most selfish of reason's that goes for all branches, and I'm not knocking that because we all have to look out for ourselves.

I have met people who join the marines and the army because they say "I wanna blow shit up" Ummm Okay. Then there are those that really join because they want to make a difference, by serving mankind and trying to do what they can to protect their country.

Not everyone who joins the military is a Noble Hero, but many are. At the same time just because someone joins the military for their own selfish reasons does not mean that they cant get a taste of patriotism and remain on service for reasons bigger than themselves.

All Im saying is this, I love the kudos, and words of appreciation I receive for serving my country, but at the same time, I think I have a great job, and I don't really see myself as doing anything anyone else isn't doing. Im going to work to pay the bills and support myself and my family, I just chose to use the military as a vehicle.

I love my country but let's not get all mushy and sentimental. It is what it is.

but anyways check out the video, of some of the great things that our brothers and sisters in the marines are doing. Whether they really want to or not, they are doing it, because its comes with the job, and for that they have earned my respect.

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Can I back out of my military contract?

Every recruiter on this earth is going to give me a blanket party for this one. If you don't know what a blanket party is, then you need to watch Full Metal Jacket. No it's not a party where we all lie under the blanket and have chips, (I think the navy does that) Its where they tie me down and beat the shit outta.

Anyways I digress

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There I said it.. YES!!!!!!!!!!
you can back out of your contract.

No the police are not going to take you to jail
No you are not going to lose any kind of govt grant or loans for college or anything like that
No you are not going to have to pay a fine
No this is not going on any criminal record
No this is not going to effect your taxes
No this is not going to effect any future endeavors to apply for a govt Job.

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If you have not left for basic yet then you can walk at anytime you feel like it. Your recruiter will do what he can to make you believe otherwise but the truth is you can walk and there is nothing they can do.

Now they may blackball you from joining in the future by putting comments that other recruiters can see on your file, but if you have a valid excuse and the new recruiter needs to make goal you should have no problem getting in. (but you didn't want to get in in the first place)

So to answer this question No you don't have to go to basic. Even if you rose your right hand and swore to go. you can still back out.

Joining the military

Joining the military is an exciting for some scary for others, Many people find that taking that leap of faith to be rewarding and others find that it was the worst mistake of their entire life.

Some reasons people love it
1 ) Freedom- Yes believe it or for many going off into the military is the biggest taste of freedom that they have ever had. Mommy and Daddy are no longer around to coddle and baby sit them, and they are now able to make choices and decision on their own. They have their own money, own homes, apts, dorms etc.

2) College - All the branches of the military offer 100% Tuition assistance, but before you get all excited you need to make sure you will be able to use it. What do I mean by that you ask??? well it's one thing to have the money to use for school, but if you don't have the time to go to school then what good is having the money. Kind of hard to go to college when your face down in a sandbox. Some branches offer college credits for standard military training, such as the Air Force community college. Look at all your options

3) opposite sex- Yeah I said it so what!!!!!! Its true!!! guys and girls often join with the hopes of meeting the opposit sex and having fun, and boy can it be fun. going away to technical training after boot camp is alot (well maybe not alot) like going to college, you got a bunch of young guys and young girls all together after weeks of grueling bootcamp. thats a recipe for some unwinding if you know what I mean. I have lots of personal memories and have hundreds of stories from others who enjoy this special benefit.

4) Money- Now your not gonna earn six figures but for many you will make more money than you have ever made in your life, and as time goes by you will make more money than your parents ever made. You have a reliable check coming in on the first and the 15th, no medical bill worries, no dental bill worries. If you are smart and you invest you can live a very comfortable possibly even well to do life.

some reasons why people don't join the military

1) Freedom- I have heard this one countless times, "I don't want to be a slave and have to take orders" I understand why you may say this, but let me tell you one thing. while I will not defend nor attack a comment like that, I will say that the same people who make comments like that are working for someone and taking orders on a daily basis. Before joining the Air Force my brother said he would never join because he likes his freedom, and that I would not have any. Well for the last 11 years I have had more freedom than he has ever had. I work 8 hrs a day some times more but usually less, he works 10+. I have 30 days of vacation he has 2 weeks and its not paid. I have all holidays off he has christmas that's it. If I need to take care of a famliy appt or a personal appt, I do it. He has to take off work and lose pay. He is miserable and stuck. I am happy and free to leave if I want to.

2) Not in shape- believe it or not that is a reason. people are scared of the fitness program the military upholds. Hey if you don't want to stay in shape and remain healthy that's up to you. I for one think the physical fitness program is weak and should be more stringent.

3) Don't want to get yelled at- there is a belief that we get yelled at every day. Im not sure how it is in the marines or army but I'm pretty sure that they don't yell at each other. I know they don't in the Air Force. If that were the case I'd have a pretty sore throat. No actually we talk to one another like normal human beings (that we are). Believe it or not we actually smile from time to time and tell a joke or two.... lol

4) don't want to leave home- Yes its sad but some just can't remove them selve from the umbillical cord. Yes you will most likely have to move away from your home town. Your gonna have to kiss mommy and daddy good bye and actually get a life. Okay just being a little overly harsh for no good reason other than just to do it. There are many valid reasons for not wanting to leave home but if that's the case then yes military life is not for you.

Bottom line, weigh your options, make an informed decision. And if you don't like it then just go AWOL after a few days of boot camp!!!!!!!

(this is not meant to be taken as advice, if you are dumb enough to go AWOL, I am not liable for what repercussions you receive)